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Diwali-Deepavali-Festival of Lights


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As per Telugu Calendar Naraka Chaturdasi occurs on Chaturdasi
Diwali occurs on the no moon day(amavasya) of Telugu Month aswayuja.

As per English CalendarNaraka Chaturdasi is on 17th Oct -2009
and Diwali is On 18th Oct-2009.

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Hindu Festival Diwali Introduction:

Deepavali means the line of lights before sunrises everyday in Hindus house Puja is done. In every puja important one is deepam. For every good worship eight different pujas. In that to worship god one important is deepam should be there. Deepam means it gives light. It for bidden non beauties, meals ignorance &4sides knoweldge will be produced by it in light deepam fiest colour is red, yellow, blue. Three color are indication of three goddess. Saraswathi Laxmiparvathi so deepam indicates the combination of that’s way Naraka Chaturdashi three goddess she is the Adishakti and all Hindu’s festivals and occasions hindu gives very important place to Deepam. Deepavli celebrated by Hindus in oct or Nov as per English calendar.

How to celebrate Diwali:

on dewali neatness is important. Every house should be cleaned and walls are coulered, decerated with flowers, leaves specially mango leaves and deepalu is lighted in night. These deepalu are lighted infront of main door,kichendoor,pooja room door,storeroom,which contains grains,pulses,which grown in field and infront of well portia.

On the day of dewali nuvvula(sesame) oil is very important. These day they believe that goddess laxmi devi lives in nuvvula oil. Thats why they do head bath after apply nuvvula oil to their head and body.

In the evening of this day deepalu should be lighted. They welcomes laxmi devi into their houses and shopes. Marigold flowers are used after doing laxmi devi pooja they starts new account books, immidiatly they burst the crackers.

History of Diwali:

Deepavali:- is the day of Sri maha laxmi born. On this day Samudra raju Tanaya things to which house I should go whose house is neatly washed, muggulu are put on the flour with deepam’s light is glowing, there the goddess go & stays. That’s why everyone that day deepam should be lighted. Likewise wait for goddess Sri maha laxmi by worshipping. That’s why people believes that on amavasya if girl born people say goddess Maha laxmi was born. In some religious people think if that type of girl marries & goes out it is bad so they bring their son in law to girl’s house.

To Read Complete History of Diwali Festival...

History of Naraka Chturdasi:

other name of deepavali is narakachathurdhashi. There is a story for this occasion. Once upon ther was demon named narakasurudu. He was son of Bhudevi(earth) and Lord Narayana. He ruled his kingdom very badly. He kidnapped all the ladies and put in prisons. His aim was to marry all that ladies.

People of that kingdom were come to Lord Krishna and begged for their wives and daughters. Krishna promised to help them and to save them. He was gone with his wife satyabhama to fight with naraka, because the naraka had a boone that he will killed by only in his mother hands Bhudevi born as Satyabhama. But Satyabhama did not know about this.

Krishna and naraka fought with each other very strongly. After some time Krishna acts as he was unconcious. Then Satyabhama took the arrow with very angrily and fought with naraka and killed him. On that happiest day people celebrate with borning crackers and lighting deepas. So that day called naraka chathurdhashi.

Diwali Special Recipes:Penilu

on deepawali people are specially eats sweets very much. Because this is a happiest festival.

Penilu:- penilu - ½ kg
Milk - ½ lt
Sugar - ½ kg
Take four bowls,put penilu in this bowls equally pour the sugar on penilu, lastly pour hot milk on these and eat.

Diwali Special Events:

Laxmi Puja and Marigold Flowers:

In the evening of this day deepalu should be lighted. They welcomes laxmi devi into their houses and shopes. Marigold flowers are used after doing laxmi devi pooja they starts new account books, immidiatly they burst the crackers.

they worship laxmi devi with turmeric powder, kumkuma and marigold flowers.put hindus kalasam they make adhi shakthi statue with turmeric power, and put in bettle leaf. They believe arcenut as Ganesha and worship Ganesha first. They worship the god and goddess with deepam, insenee sticks, firing of karpuram. After this they affered fruits and sweets as naivedhyam.


As per science also Deepavali festival has very importance from the day onwards deepavali, night will increases and day will discreases. And very soon became dark, this starts from the starting the season sharat ruthuvu, so our anceients says to put lights before houses in evenings. This tradition is mainly aimed to keepout the darkness, and also from the fog of the crackers,insects will kill.
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