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rangoli designs

rangoli kolam

Muggulu(Kolam) Types

Muggulu(Kolam) are several types of sankranti Muggulu.
These muggulu make by rice flour or marble powder and colour powders. Types of Muggulu are

Chukkala Muggulu (Dot Designs)

Chukkalu leni Muggulu (Designs without dots.)

Tippudu Muggulu (Curve Designs)

Muggulu(kolam) Designs

Chukkala Muggulu:- Dots arranged in specific sequence
and order and these dots are joined to make pictorial designs.

Chukkala Leni Muggulu:- these designs make with out dots, where
these is the free hand drawing of lines to make a geomatrical pattern.

Tippudu Muggulu:- these arte another type of forming twisted
chains by linking one loop with the basic pattern.

kolam designs

Kolams for festivals
kolam,muggulu,rangoli designs

Kolam-Muggulu Photos:

Arrow Kolam design
Banam Kolam design
Butterfly Kolam design
Candle Kolam design
Chair Kolam design
Chakram Kolam design
Deepam Kolam design
Design Kolam design
Fish Kolam design
Flower Kolam design
Grapes Kolam design
Jodi Kolam design
Kalasham Kolam design
Kites Kolam design
Leaves Kolam design
Lotus Kolam design
Love Kolam design
Om Kolam design
Parrot Kolam design
Peacock Kolam design
Swan Kolam design
Tippudu Kolam design
Star Kolam design
Showkas Kolam design
Style Kolam design
Rose Kolam design
Ratham Kolam design
Other Kolam design

Arrow Muggulu

Arow Kolam1 design
Arow Kolam2 design
Arrow Kolam3 design
Arrow Kolam4 design
Arrow Kolam5 design

Banam Muggulu

Banam Kolam design
Banam Kolam1design
Banam Kolam2design
Banam Kolam3design
Banam Kolam4design

Butterfly Muggulu

Butterfly Kolam design
Butterfly Kolam1 design
Butterfly Kolam2 design
Butterfly Kolam3 design
Butterfly Kolam4 design
Butterfly Kolam5 design
Butterfly_Kolam6 design
Butterfly Kolam7 design
Butterfly Kolam8 design
Butterfly kolam9 design
Butterfly Kolam10 design
Butterfly Kolam11 design
Butterfly Kolam12 design
Butterfly Kolam13 design
Butterfly Kolam14 design
Butterfly Kolam15 design
Butterfly Kolam16 design

Candle Muggulu

Candle Butterfly Kolam design
Candle Kolam3design
Candle Kolam2 design

Chair Muggulu

Chair Kolam design
Chair Kolam1 design
Chair Kolam2 design

Chakram Muggulu

Chakram Kolam design
Chakram Kolam1 design
Chakram Kolam2 design
Chakram Kolam3 design
Chakram Kolam4 design
Chakram Kolam5 design
Chakram Kolam6 design

Deepam Muggulu

Lamp Kolam design
Lamp Kolam1 design
Lamp Kolam2 design
Lamp Kolam3 design
Deepam Kolam design
Deepam Kolam1 design
Deepam Kolam2 design
Deepam Kolam3 design
Deepam Kolam5 design
Deepam Kolam6design
Deepam Kolam7design
Deepam Kolam8design

Design Muggulu

Design Kolam design
Design Kolam1 design
Design Kolam2 design
Design Kolam3 design
Design Kolam4 design
Design Kolam5 design
Design Kolam6 design
Design Kolam7 design
Design Kolam8 design
Outline_Design Kolam1 design
Designflowers Kolam design

Fish Muggulu

Fish Kolam design
Fish Kolam1 design
Fish Kolam2 design
Fish Kolam3 design
Fish Kolam4 design
Fish Kolam5 design
Fish Kolam6 design
Fish Kolam7 design
Fish Kolam8 design
Fish Kolam9 design
Fish Kolam10 design
Fish Kolam11 design

Flower Muggulu

Flower Kolam design
Flower Kolam1 design
Flower Kolam2 design
Flower Kolam3 design
Flower Kolam4 design
Flower Kolam5 design
Flower Kolam6 design
Flower Kolam7design
Flower Kolam8 design
Flower Kolam9 design
Flower Kolam10 design
Flower Kolam11 design
Flower Kolam12 design
Flower Kolam13 design
Flower Kolam14 design
Flower Kolam15 design
Flower Kolam16 design
Flower Kolam17 design
Flower Kolam18design
Flower Kolam19 design
Flower Kolam20 design
Flower Kolam21 design
Flower Kolam22 design
Flower Kolam23 design
Flower Kolam24 design
Flower Kolam25 design
Flower Kolam26 design
Flower Kolam27 design
Flower Leaves Kolamdesign
Flowers Leaves Kolam1 design
Flowers Leaves Kolam2 design
Flower Kolam28 design
Flower Kolam29 design
Flower Kolam30 design
Flower Kolam31 design
Flower Kolam32 design
Flower Kolam33 design
Flower Kolam34 design
Flower Kolam35 design
Flower Kolam36 design
Flower Kolam37 design
Flower Kolam38 design
Flower Kolam39 design
Flowers Leaves Kolam3 design
Flowers Leaves Kolam4 design
Flower Leaves Kolam3 design
Flower_Parrot Kolam design

Grapes Muggulu

Grapes Kolam design
Grapes Kolam1 design
Graps Kolam2 design
Graps Kolam3 design

Jodi Muggulu

Jadi_Leavess Kolam design
Jodi_Flowers Kolam design
JodiFlowers Kolam design
JodiFlowers Kolam design

Kalasham Muggulu

Kalasham Kolam design
Kalasham Kolam1design
Kalasham Kolam2 design

Kites Muggulu

Kite Kolam design
Kite Kolam1 design
Kite Kolam2 design

Leaves Muggulu

Leaves Kolam design
Leaves Kolam1 design
Leaves Kolam2 design
Leaves Kolam3 design
Leaves Kolam4 design
Lilly Kolam design

Lotus Muggulu

Lotus Kolam design
Lotus Kolam1 design
Lotus Kolam2 design
Lotus Kolam3 design
Lotus Kolam4 design
Lotus Kolam5 design
Lotus Peacock Kolam design
Lotus Kolam6 design
Lotus Kolam7 design
Lotus Kolam8 design

Love Muggulu

Love Kolam design
Love Kolam1 design
Love Kolam2 design
Love Kolam3 design
Love_Crowns Kolam design

Om Muggulu

Om Kolam design
Om Kolam1 design
Om Kolam2 design
Om Kolam3 design
Om Kolam4 design
Om Kolam5 design
Om Kolam6 design

Parrot Muggulu

Parrot Kolam design
Parrot Kolam1 design
Parrot Kolam2 design
Parrot Kolam3 design
Parrot Kolam4 design
Parro Kolam5 design
Parrot Kolam6 design

Peacock Muggulu

Peacock&Lotus Kolam design
Peacock Kolam design
Peacock Kolam1 design
Peacock Kolam3 design
Peacock Kolam4 design
Peacock Kolam4 design
Peacock Kolam5 design

Swan Muggulu

Swan Kolam design
Swan Kolam1 design
Swan Kolam2 design
Swan Kolam3 design
Swan Kolam4 design
Swan Kolam5 design
Swan_Fish Kolam design

Tippudu Muggulu

Tippudu Muggulu design
Tippudu Muggulu1 design
Tippudu Muggulu2 design
Tippudu Muggulu3 design
Tippudu Muggulu4 design
Tippudu Muggulu5 design
Tippudu Muggulu6 design
Tippudu Muggulu7 design
Tippudu Muggulu8 design
Tippudu Muggulu9 design
Tippudu Muggulu10 design
Tippudu Muggulu11 design
Tippudu Muggulu12 design
Tippudu Muggulu13 design
Tippudu Muggulu14 design
Tippudu Muggulu15 design
Tippudu Muggulu16 design
Tippudu Muggulu17 design
Tippudu Muggulu18 design
Tippudu Muggulu19 design
Tippudu Muggulu20 design
Tippudu Muggulu21 design
Tippudu Muggulu22 design
Tippudu Muggulu23 design
Tippudu Muggulu24 design
Tippudu Muggulu25 design
Tippudu Muggulu26 design
Tippudu Muggulu27 design
Tippudu Muggulu28 design
Tippudu Muggulu29 design
Tippudu Muggulu30 design
Tippudu Muggulu31 design
Tippudu Muggulu32 design
Tippudu Muggulu33 design
Tippudu Muggulu34 design
Tippudu Muggulu35 design
Tippudu Muggulu36 design
Tippudu Muggulu37 design
Tippudu Muggulu38 design
Tippudu Muggulu39 design
Tippudu Muggulu40 design
Tippudu Muggulu41 design
Tippudu Muggulu42 design
Tippudu Muggulu43 design
Tippudu Muggulu44 design
Tippudu Muggulu45 design
Tippudu Muggulu46 design
Tippudu Muggulu47 design
Tippudu Muggulu48 design
Tippudu Muggulu49 design
Tippudu Muggulu50 design
Tippudu Muggulu51 design
Tippudu Muggulu52 design
Tippudu Muggulu53 design
Tippudu Muggulu54 design
Tippudu Muggulu55 design
Tippudu Muggulu56 design
Tippudu Muggulu57 design
Tippudu Muggulu58 design
Tippudu Muggulu59 design
Tippudu Muggulu60 design
Tippudu Muggulu61 design
Tippudu Muggulu62 design
Tippudu Muggulu63 design
Tippudu Muggulu64 design
Tippudu Muggulu65 design
Tippudu Muggulu66 design
Tippudu Muggulu67 design
Tippudu Muggulu68 design
Tippudu Kolam69 design
Tippudu Muggulu70 design
Tippudu Muggulu71 design
Tippudu Muggulu72 design
Tippudu Muggulu73 design
Tippudu Muggulu74 design

Star Muggulu

Star Kolam design
Star Kolam1 design
Star Kolam2 design
Star Kolam3 design
Star Kolam4 design
Star Kolam5 design
Star Kolam6 design
Star Kolam7 design
Star Kolam8 design

Showkas Muggulu

Shokas Kolam design
Showkas Kolam design
Showkas Kolam1 design
Showkas Kolam2 design
Showkas Kolam3 design

Style Muggulu

Style Kolam design
Style Kolam1 design
Style Kolam2 design
Style Kolam3 design
Style Kolam4 design

Rose Muggulu

Rose Kolam design
Rose Kolam1 design
Rose Kolam2 design
Rose Kolam3 design
Rose Kolam4 design
Rose Kolam5 design
Rose Kolam6 design
Rose Kolam7 design

Ratham Muggulu

Ratam Kolam design
Ratam Kolam2 design
Ratam Kolam3 design
Ratam Parrot Kolam design

Other Muggulu

Chocolate Muggulu design
Blowse Kolam design
Cup Kolam design
Elephant Kolam design
Elephant Kolam1 design
Frok Kolam design
Fruit Kolam design
GodGanesh Kolam design
Gown Kolam design
Lady Kolam design
Lingam Kolam design
Linggala Kolam design
NewYea Kolam design
Plant Kolam design
Plant Kolam1 design
Pongal Kolam design
Pot Kolam design
Rabit Kolam design
Ball Kolam design
Baratamatha Kolam design
Blowes Kolam1design
Blowes Kolam2design
Chess Kolam design
Cup_Sasar Kolam design
Cup_Sasar Kolam1design
Duck Kolam design
Duck Kolam1design
Dabba Kolam design
Doll Kolam design
Elephant Kolam design
Ganapathi Kolam design
Ganesh Kolam design
Gobbilla Kolam design
Gown Kolam design
Hand Kolam design
Ox Kolam design
Pot Kolam1 design
Plus Kolam design
Round Leaves Kolam design
Rabbit Kolam1 design
Shirt Kolam design
Shankam Kolam1 design
Sun Kolam design
Sun Kolam1 design
Snake Kolam design
Table Kolam design
Tulasi Kolam design
Tulasikota Kolam design
Umbrella Kolam design
Rangavalli Kolam design
Rangoli Kolam1 design
Shankam Kolam design
Tree Kolam design
Xmas Kolam design

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